If you’re ready to branch out to the amazing world of grilling fish you’ve probably eyed a salmon steak or two in the grocery store. Easier than dealing with the whole fish salmon steaks and practically grill ready with only a couple simple modifications your fish will from store to grill to table and ready to make a delicious summer meal.

Selecting the Best Salmon

Not all salmon is created equally and choosing the right steak start right at your grocery store or local fish market. The freshest fish is always best. Look for clean, bright fillets and steaks that don’t have residue or oily finishes to the meat. The meat should be red and never turning brown.

If you can see the fish the steak was cut from look for bright clear eyes and quality skin with minimal bruising. If you can touch the fish it should be firm and bouncy. If you can’t find good quality meat you will want to consider skipping the whole idea, bad salmon is impossible to save.

Wild salmon are one of the most threatened fish today, always look for fish that come from sustainable sources and ask where your fish was farmed or caught. If the store doesn’t know it’s not a good thing. Responsible fisheries are proud of their sources and will want their name displayed near the fish. This also lets you know the fish is well cared for and will not be contaminated with mercury.

Preparing Your Salmon

The first step to cooking any salmon is removing the small pin bones within the flesh. They’re easily removed with tweezers. Work counter clockwise around the fish making sure to pick each one, or purchase prepared salmon at a higher price from the store. Rinse off the salmon when you’re done and dry off lightly to remove excess water. Season the Salmon to taste typically with simple salt and pepper.

When you grill salmon you must remember that fish is typically a very sticky food. Use foil or oil on the grill in order to prevent your salmon from sticking to the grate. You should grill on medium heat instead of high, you don’t want to burn your fish.

During cooking you may notice a mayonnaise like substance coming out from the fish. This is the fish’s fat and its common and a good thing it means the fish is nearly ready to serve. When the meat flakes easily remove from the grill and let cool for a minute before serving.

No matter how you prepare your salmon or which delicious variety you enjoy, you’ll relax knowing that you got a great fish and a great meal when you choose to grill salmon for your dinner. Enjoy simple preparation and don’t complicate the steps.

Leave any sauces or marinades for the table where you can enjoy them without covering the salmon’s flaky and delicious flavor. Salmon is typically served with lemon but try other acids foods with them as well. It’s amazing with lime and exotic with an orange mint sauce.