When the weather is warm who could resist the urge to get out of the house and enjoy some time grilling up your favorite foods while the kids play outdoors?

No matter how you spend you lazy Sunday afternoons, the grill is a perfect addition to your weekend. Don’t feel left out because of some poor choices at the grocery store though, these great steaks are all perfect for the grill. I’ll even show you how to grill them up right.

Selecting the Right Cut

When you’re at your local grocer or butcher look for these amazing cuts to try on the grill. Find pieces that are even in size have great color, and are sold fresh not frozen. If you don’t see what you want you can always ask your butcher to cut something just for you (yes even in the bigger stores). Don’t be afraid of branching out into larger cuts of meat. Typically, you’ll receive a great couple of steaks along with some of the best stew meat you can find.

Big on Flavor, Light on Price

Chuck gets a bad name around the big contenders for steak, but you shouldn’t fear this supermarket special. When prepared right chuck steak is just as tender and juicy as sirloin. Marinade the meat overnight in your fridge and when you’re ready to grill cook only until the meat is medium-rare, no further. No amount of flavoring will save chuck meat if it’s overdone. Let your steak rest for as long as it took to cook to avoid losing juices. Then enjoy your juicy steak while enjoying a fatter wallet.

Rib Cuts

Enjoy the juicy flavor of the premium meats with a stunning rib-eye. By far one of everyone’s favorites this steak is versatile and can take a bit of a beating. Try the steak plain with salt and pepper cooked to medium-rare perfection. If the price makes you balk try the rib-eyes lesser known cousin the chuck eye (you may have to ask your butcher).


If steak had a king its name would be porterhouse. If you’re planning to grill this weekend you might have eyed these expensive beauties on the shelves. These steaks command a high attention to perfect grilling, if only due to their high price tag. These cuts however come from the short loin of the cow, so sirloin tastes extremely similar, if you’re on a budget.

Flank Steaks

Having almost a worse reputation than chuck, flank steaks are the new choice for high-end chefs. You too can grill these up to perfect by marinating them overnight, grilling them to medium rare, and then cutting across the grain to melt in your mouth steaks that have amazing flavor.

No matter what cut you choose this weekend for your grill it’s important to remember that beef doesn’t appreciate being burnt. Cook your steaks slowly using top quality marinates and pull them off when they reach medium rare for best results. No matter what you do when you’re done cooking let your steak rest! If you rush into cutting a steak off the grill you’ll end up with T-bone soup, rather than steak.