What Type of Grill Gives the Best Flavor?

It’s summer and time to fire up the old grill, but if you have the perfect ribs for your summer bash why not cook them them in best way? Overtime man has evolved from using just an outdoor firepit to preparing a delicious BBQ on impressive high-tech appliances, but the war remains between gas and coal. While both choices yield some amazing results on the grill, that one decision will change the taste of your food on the table.

Gas vs. Charcoal – a First Look

Gas grills are those we commonly see in everyone’s backyards. They became popular due to their quick use and safe features. Natural gas is convenient to use and simple to clean with little maintenance needed in between grilling.On the other hand, charcoal sometimes proves so hard to start that many people over douse the coals in lighter fluid only to spend their Memorial Day weekend in the hospital with serious burns. No matter which type you choose, make sure to cook safely and use precautions.

Pros of Gas

Gas grills are convenience at its best. No matter how much you love, flavor if you are not the type of person to let the grill preheat for at least a good half an hour you’ll want to choose gas over coals. The temperature of gas grills is much easier to control as well, making it an ideal choice when you are cooking multiple types of food at once – assuring that your chicken, beef, and corn all get done with no bits to turn.

Cons of Gas

Gas, unfortunately, leaves almost no flavor in the items it cooks. Sometimes it can give a hint of natural gas smell that can turn off your guests. Gas also means that you might cook the food too quickly to achieve the tenderness that you desire.

Pros of Charcoal

Coal grills are simple to maintain and they are usually cheaper – that is, if you can nail down how to use the coals efficiently. The coals stay hot for a long period making charcoal grills ideal for long cooking times. When you cook with coals, you get a great smoky flavor that can be enhanced with the use of wood chips or blocks to infuse the meat or fish you are grilling with delicious flavors you won’t find with a conventional gas grill.

Cons of Charcoal

Using a charcoal grill is not something you learn overnight. Lighting the coals of and by itself, can be difficult for a beginner. Most newbies then misunderstand how to grill the food leaving under cooked food or burnt edges due to the varying temperatures from the coals.

Many first time smokers make the stupid mistake of using lighter fluid to bring the coals up to the desired temperature and then leave the meat on the grill and walk away. Not understanding that the temperature will continue to rise as the coals turn red hot.

If you are looking for the best quality, you’ll need to learn how to cook using charcoal. It is the only choice for the best flavor. If you are just starting out or you just want to produce some good BBQ without burning yourself and making a trip to the ER, consider gas grills.